In the middle of the figures and events of the year, it seems that the only thing that is often forgotten is how many acquisitions Apple has quietly made

As part of the ongoing coverage of Apple's annual review in 2018, we are monitoring 24 of the most important acquisitions in the year

You should always keep in mind that the US apple rarely advertises a formal takeover, and instead issues a standard commentary that says it "buys smaller technology companies from time to time" and does not disclose specific purposes or plans. Media or across the second party of the deal

In addition, in many cases, details such as the transaction value and the timing of the purchase are unknown, making it difficult to closely monitor these transactions

Harvest 2018: All the deals acquired by Apple US


Last January, it was announced that Apple has got the application service development Buddybuild, the Vancouver-based company Buddybuild has been focusing on deployment tools and integration to develop the iOS system

After the acquisition, Buddybuild teamed up with Apple's Xcode Engineering Group to "build great development tools for the entire iOS community." The stated goal of the acquisition was to support the Apple Xcode development platform

Silicon Valley Data Science

Bloomberg announced on January 19, 2018 that Apple had acquired a team of data scientists from a company called Silicon Valley Data Science

The emerging company was described as a company focused on providing data analysis to large companies "to improve their expectations, operational efficiency and customer relationships

Weeks later, it was announced that employees of Silicon Valley Data Science hired by Apple were joining the company's "analysis of advertising initiatives


In one of the rare direct advertising times, Apple announced on March 12 that it had acquired Texture, the renowned distributor of digital magazines

"Apple is committed to good journalism from reliable sources and allows magazines to continue to produce stories that are beautifully designed and saturated to users," said Apple's Project Manager Ede Kyo

It is rumored that Apple will launch a subscription service in the news as early as the spring of 2019, which can rely on the Texture platform