The fun in the challenge dress is the best you can get, and any game that provides it will cause those who play addicting, because they find it fun and entertaining, and today with us a game of this kind, AirXonix

AirXonix classic game in 3D design - lots of fun

AirXonix is ​​the classic game, it's one of the oldest and most famous games in the world, and it's fun to enjoy, but do not forget, the challenge is too big and you'll have to win all the stages

The game is famous in ancient times, this time with three-dimensional graphics, which makes fun greater, and for those who do not know the game AirXonix; you will play the role of the pilot of the small aircraft, and you draw the line and surrounded him in multiple places, so you must do this before the end of 60 seconds estimated time of challenge , And requires that the coverage coverage of the place in line, 100%, and this to ensure victory

You will have more than 80 stages to overcome, with mines and some obstacles to be warned, and it will be good to be surrounded by a clever way, of course there are incentives you can get, to increase your chances of success and development of your aircraft, which makes the game full of challenge and fun


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices

Compatible operating system: iOS 8.0

Size on Apple devices: 17.6 MB

Download via Apple

Programmer: Vladimir Savin
Price: $ 1.99


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