More than 50 years later, MasterCard (NYSE: NYSE: MA), betting that customers will recognize the company through its brilliant interlocking circuits only

The credit card network and the financial services company, MasterCard, on Monday, removed its name - MasterCard - from its historic logo, where the logo will appear as two circles in red and yellow, with orange in the middle and without the company name

Leaving the red and yellow interlocking pair, referred to as the Mastercard Symbol, which reflects the changing nature of currency exchange in its world-famous motto, to stand alone as the brand's representative in most contexts, in stores, banks and retail locations in the physical and digital worlds where Accept the card, and the ads as well

MasterCard joins a small set of stable brands, such as Nike, Apple and Target, which preferred to use visual codes alone, relying on a small image and not a name in most of their marketing materials

More than 50 years later, MasterCard removed its name - MasterCard - from its historic logo

After more than 50 years, MasterCard develops its brand by dropping its name.
The company said recently that 80% of people are aware of the MasterCard logo even in the absence of its name. According to Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer, innovation in the digital age calls for modern simplicity, and the company has conducted more than 20 months of research around the world to ensure that people can recognize it from the symbolic logo even without text

Said Raja Rajamannar

You can never be arrogant and say: I'm a creator, let me go ahead and drop my brand name. We are proud of the heritage of our rich brand, and are excited to see iconic circles standing alone

This step is appropriate, convenient and valid for MasterCard, but it does not fit many other brands, according to Debbie Millman, president of the Master of Trademark Program at the Faculty of Visual Arts

MasterCard is the only trademark capable of doing so, having developed a world-renowned slogan for decades. It takes some time, consistency and a good slogan so that others can do it effectively

If MasterCard succeeds, this will make it one of the few companies that can be identified by looking at its iconic slogan

The historical development of MasterCard logo

A look at the historical evolution of the MasterCard logo from its inception to date
The move, in an attempt to adapt to the spread of new payment methods and technologies, the company, formerly known as Master Charge, has tried to reformulate itself in recent years as a technology company working in the global payments industry

The new MasterCard logo - without the name - is not just an attempt to say that the company has become everywhere, and is recognized by consumers even when its name is missing only

It also indicates that the company is increasingly changing its brand strategy in preparation for the credit card world, where other forms of digital payments

The company issued a press release, entitled: Digital Payment Company adapts to the digital environment and becomes a symbolic brand

With the continued development of the consumer and commercial landscape, the Master icon will represent the company better than a word, and the new flexible design will allow it to work smoothly through the development of the digital landscape