The US Patent and Trademark Organization (USPTO) has granted a new patent to Samsung, which has a new folding mechanism that offers a completely different design for folding smart phones. According to the patent, the new design is folded out instead of folding inside. The outside surface of the phone


In the design of the new patents, the main structure of the phone is divided into two separate parts connected to a sliding mechanism that slides into the interior to become a collapsible joint when the device is folded. This will allow Samsung to use a single flexible OLED display on a collapsible smartphone rather than a second screen The phone is folded and in turn this may allow folding phones to reduce the cost of manufacturing as well as make the devices slimmer


Although the Galaxy Fold device has been discovered at the beginning, but he was subjected to the problems of manufacture before launch and started reports come from a broken folding screen when attempts to fold it took place and the reason for this is to remove the layer of screen protection, which was supposed to remain apparently yet led this is to suspend sales, which was supposed to start already now recently CEO dJ Koh said in an interview that the company has solved the issue of the strength and reliability of the screen collapsible will detect the commercial release date for the Galaxy fold in specific markets soon

It is not yet clear whether Samsung aims to use this new patented folding design in a new folding phone or as a future follow-up to the Galaxy Fold. It may also be one of the many possibilities Samsung will discover for future folding phones and with the announcement of Google support Integrated folding smart phones is expected to start this new sector in the next two years