Apple laptops - MacBook and MacBook Pro - all went to use the new USB-C charging port, which is the same trend now adopted by the vast majority of large companies to get the USB-C port as a new widespread alternative to charge most of the electronic devices from smart phones to computers Laptops and tablets

Apple sells a USB-C charger for MacBooks for up to $ 80. If you add a USB-C cable to the charger to charge the computer, the total value will be over $ 100. These four options give you better value, and many more benefits than just charging a computer, which makes you think carefully before you buy a replacement charger for your laptop

4 replacement accessories make you hesitate a lot before you buy a new USB-C charger from Apple for MacBooks

HyperJuice: The most powerful USB-C charger in the world with a built-in power bank

If you have more than one device running on the new USB-C port, especially if it's portable, it's definitely the right choice for you, and it's probably a product that's absolutely indispensable for your situation. HyperJuice is a 27,000-milliamp-size power bank with a sleek aluminum design, but also offers two USB-C ports that can be used to charge your devices at the same time

The real innovation in this product is that it is currently the only power source in the world capable of delivering 100 watts of power through the USB-C port, making it the fastest USB-C charger in the world today. Which is currently allowed on board passenger aircraft around the world when traveling. Hyperjuice can provide two devices with two USB-C ports simultaneously powered by 100 watts and 60 watts, as well as a single 18-watt traditional USB A port

This product, which weighs 500 grams and sells for $ 159, can charge the 15-inch MacBook Pro twice full without the need for an electrical source. The product was funded through a successful campaign on social finance sites of approximately US $ 2 million

 Moshi Symbus Q: More than just a charger

Moshi's Symbus Q product is a complete desktop solution for your set of electronic devices, not just a USB-C charger for your laptop. The product comes with a very stylish aluminum design that fits in with a modern desk, and the top is covered with luxurious woven materials. It also serves as a wireless charging platform for any mobile phone or device that supports wireless charging with a 7.5-watt Qi wireless standard

This key piece of the product carries HDMI ports supported by 4K video quality, two USB A ports, an Ethernet port and connects to the laptop through the USB-C port, which increases the ports of your laptop, which can utilize all additional ports to connect to a monitor or display system as Example, in addition to the main function of the unit is to charge the computer through the USB-C port. This product is sold for $ 165

 Zendure A8PD: Power bank, built-in charger and 5 different ports

This Zendure product offers a 26,800-mA power bank with a digital display that tells you the remaining power you can use to charge up to 5 devices at the same time through four traditional USB A ports and a single USB-C port that provides 30 Wat

The USB-C port uses the same power bank charger, the A8PD needs only 4 hours to charge it fully, then it can charge the Macbook at its full capacity 1.7 times, or recharge the iPhone more than 7 full times before it needs to be recharged. This product is characterized by a solid metal structure that makes it resistant to shocks, dust and other external factors. The Zendure A8PD is sold for $ 119

 NekTeck USB-C Charger: The best price choice

NekTeck offers a wide range of accessories that are of high quality and very favorable price. The company's products do not carry luxury accents and striking design, but offer reliable quality especially in the field of power accessories and wired and wireless charges. The charger is sold at $ 55 and can be powered up to 5 different devices at a total of up to 111 watts. The USB-C port gets 87 watts of power, the same amount of power as the original Apple Macbook charger, while sharing 4 traditional USB ports The remaining power is allowed to charge smartphones or tablets. The charger comes accompanied by a USB-C cable whose quality is completely satisfactory for free